Other day none other than Aamir Khan stated that Prabhas was quite impressive in "Baahubali" for both his looks and acting prowess. And that is what even many Bollywood audiences also feel about it. What happens if Prabhas changes the way he looks now?


In Baahubali, Prabhas looks quite manly, ferocious, muscled and sharp. But in the recent photo shoots, he has tried a new style with an almost clean shave and a new short hairdo. While the look made him flaunt his lover-boy image, Baahubali has painted an exact opposite picture of him among audiences. So how will this new look help him?


It's being said that this new look belongs to Prabhas latest movie "Saaho" which is being directed by Sujeeth as a bilingual. Some say this soft-look might not create a magic for him at the box office as audiences are expecting something else from him. Like the way rugged looks never helped Ranbir Kapoor who has impressed early on with his clean-shaven looks, this soft look might do same to Prabahs who is famous for his crisp look with a mustache.


Whatever it may be, the effect of this look could not be anticipated to an exact now. Let's way for Saahoo trailer to come out at least, to find what people are thinking about this soft look.

17 October, 2017 13:37 pm