Now-a-days our country is involved in a variety of economic activities. Apiculture by using box-method can be one of the effective sectors of income due to its easy processing set up and young investors’ entrance. Basically, in Bangladesh we have immense demand of honey around 2500 tons annually and young investors using this opportunity to make their utmost profit. Now we have a small amount of apiculture farmer around 25000 (1000 are commercially active cultivators).at the past days hones was only collected naturally from SUNDARBANS and other large forests. It was determinate to beginner level of honey collectors.

Honey known as a delicious food in both rural and urban areas of Bangladesh because of it has various types of use in food and medicine. If we look at our family we will figure out that we get the habit of using honey from our ancestors. As, it is gift of nature, people use honey for a long.

Though it is a bright sector, we have only a few numbers of investors in this sector with a small amount of capital. Another bad news is that our honey keeping industries cannot meet their demand due to lack in our technology and management policy relatively our neighbors. As a result, our economy is getting poor benefits gradually.

To eradicate this problem, government should come forward as well as NGOs with new technology and easy term of loans. Government is the only way to boost up their business by making new policies and providing the essential training for them. If government do so, than there will be a good balance in market for both traditional business men and young entrepreneurs. Moreover, honey also changes the scenario of rural areas by empowering our unemployed men in honey keeping.


Mahadi Hassan

- East West University

07 October, 2017 20:59 pm